Scot Pollok

Lead Pastor

Tom Gwaltney

Student Pastor

Evelyn Tarbell

Welcome & Women's Ministries Pastor

Gavin Carrier

Counseling and Pastoral Care Pastor

Kirk Morgan

Kids & Family Pastor

Jamey Bryant

Worship Pastor


Michael Dafferner

Chief of Staff

BJ McGeever

Media Director

Elizabeth Leong

Missions Ministry Assistant

Grace Bauer

Office Manager

Heather Leong

Print & Digital Media Specialist

Ingrid Myers


Kathy Romain

Preschool & Kindergarten Coordinator

Becky Courington

3rd and 4th Grade Director

Kevin Jetton

Media Production Coordinator

Rhonda Agudelo


Matt Martinez

Community Coordinator

Melissa Williams

Associate Student Director

Michelle Adams

Director of SonKids Preschooloffice: 936-442-6521

Patty Hardaway

Finance Manager

Sarah Morgan

5th and 6th Grade Director

Tina Trimble

Welcome Director/Executive Assistant

Lloyd Larkworthy

Facilities Manager

Kristin Abrahams

Care and Support Coordinator

Jessica Fraser

Communications Director

Shanon Ballard

Office Assistant

Kaitlin Lipe

1st and 2nd Grade Director

Katie Didlake

Nursery Director

Dustin Ellis


Dr. Ezequiel Serrato

Spanish Ministry Director


Bob Whitaker

Richard Zainfeld

Randy Howard

Vice Chairman

Dan Pope

David Butler

Tom Lancaster

Dr. Dave Mabry