After the Vows

Creeping Separateness

By Ingrid Myers on

I was in a counseling session with a client who recently discovered that divorce was imminent. The pain, sorrow, and tears of this client were so heartbreaking. I could barely contain my own emotions. One of my first thoughts was, “This is why God hates divorce!” He knows what...

Transparency With Your Spouse

By Dustin Ellis on

In his book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian life, Donald Whitney tells a brief story about a conversation that a man had with his coworker, a recent convert. Upon finding out that his coworker had recently become a Christian, the man felt elated and said, “That's...

Take the Blinders Off

By Don Ortolano on

Wearing Blinders Blinders are used on racehorses to keep them focused on one thing and one thing only, the track ahead of them. Everything on either side and to their rear is blocked by the blinders. They have no idea what is happening anywhere around them. While this is a very effective tactic...

You, Me, and Mom and Dad

By Phil Wegner on

I am surprised these days as I talk to married couples, engaged couples and even college age singles who are trying to figure out how to launch well, how challenging it can be to really “leave” the home well, especially when you are “cleaving” to a partner in marriage...