After the Vows

The Art of Requests

By Scott Mandeville on

This brief "how-to" is designed to help guide you toward a more consistent way of making and responding to requests without calling upon unhealthy tactics, like manipulation, "mindreading", or fantastical thinking. For example, "If he really loved me, he'd know what I want!" Making a...

A Marriage Rule for Unity

By Phil Wegner on

I’m not sure why you got married, but my reasons were pretty simple. I was a guy who really didn’t want to be alone and I had a burning desire for intimacy and a conviction that that desire could only be met within the confines of marriage. So, as quickly as I could, I got married...

Law or Grace?

By Gavin Carrier on

Law or Grace? What type of marriage commitment did you make? God’s word tells us marriage is our opportunity to learn to love like He loves. If this is true, then it is important to look into Scripture and get the full picture of how God loves. Whether we knew it or not, when we made our...

Laughter Is Good Medicine

By Ingrid Myers on

Through the ups and downs of almost 34 years of marriage, laughter has been a steady source of encouragement. One of the main reasons that I was attracted to Jay was his ability to make me laugh. The first time I laid eyes on him, he was in a skit in college being goofy and funny. I was...

I Pledge Allegiance To My Marriage

By Kristin Abrahams on

Allegiance. We all know what this means. When we think of marriage, we think of the word commitment, loyalty, and respect or love...Very rarely in our marriage vows do we hear the word allegiance. Many are reminded of the Pledge of Allegiance that we had to recite in elementary school. Others...