After the Vows

You, Me, and Mom and Dad

By Phil Wegner on

I am surprised these days as I talk to married couples, engaged couples and even college age singles who are trying to figure out how to launch well, how challenging it can be to really “leave” the home well, especially when you are “cleaving” to a partner in marriage...

A Marriage Rule for Unity

By Phil Wegner on

I’m not sure why you got married, but my reasons were pretty simple. I was a guy who really didn’t want to be alone and I had a burning desire for intimacy and a conviction that that desire could only be met within the confines of marriage. So, as quickly as I could, I got married...

Too Heavy A Burden For Her To Bear

By Phil Wegner on

  I really want my wife to like me. One marriage author says husbands want their wives to respect them, and I think that is true for me. But, when I boil it down to my most guttural desire, I just want her to like me. I know how much I desire her, and I want her to want me like that. I want...