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Intimacy Redeemed

I confess! This is a "Piggy Back" post to Ingrid Myer’s amazing post. So, before you read this, read "Why Is Intimacy So Complicated?"

Ingrid is right, intimacy IS complicated! And, for so many of us, talking about this topic publicly or privately can cause a great deal of anxiety and embarrassment. Now, let me tell you why we're hosting a conference on November 3rd called Intimacy Redeemed. 

why intimacy redeemed? 

I have had the great privilege to work at Faith Bible Church for a little over two years. During that time, Care and Support ministry has launched three programs where the topic of intimacy is addressed: Re|engage, our marriage ministry program, Merge, our pre-marital program, and Re:generation, our addiction recovery program.

Additionally, as a counselor, I have spoken with countless women about the many facets of intimacy in their lives. Our Lead Pastor, Scot Pollok, did an entire series on Song of Solomon discussing sexual intimacy as well.

All of these resources have shined a light on an area of our daily lives that many of us are fearful, timid, and even ashamed to discuss. 

After two years of observing, talking, and praying about the subject of sexual intimacy, our leadership team concluded that this conference was desperately needed. 

Our hope and prayer are simple: to loudly proclaim God’s love and intention for women desiring hope and healing in their lives, BOTH spiritually and sexually. 


As one of the conference directors, I receive a lot of questions and emails concerning this conference, and I welcome them.

To help you understand the heart of this conference, our team decided to collaborate on the most common questions about the conference and answer them as best we can. Our desire is for women to feel as comfortable as possible by beginning an open and honest dialogue.

We pray that if the Lord is prompting you to join us on November 3rd, that the following questions will provide you further confirmation to attend. 

Question #1 - Why do I need to go? I am content with my current intimacy level. 

Whether you have a healthy sex life or not, this conference is designed for you to understand God’s design for sex, how it affects you and your spouse, your family, or the women that you will mentor along the way. There will also be a focus on spiritual intimacy, our closeness with our Heavenly Father. No matter where you are concerning physical intimacy, our spiritual walk is something we can all learn more about.  

Question #2 - I’m a widow and I don’t understand how this conference is for ALL women?

Being a widow does not disqualify you from being a woman involved in the Church – especially as a mentor to younger women, wives, or a mother to many. Sexuality, the pursuit of intimacy with one’s spouse is a popular topic and we need all the help and vulnerability we can get. This conference is a great opportunity to connect with other women and enjoy fellowship together in a strong spirit love, grace, acceptance and comradery. You won’t want to miss being a part of it.

Question #3 - If I attend, I am afraid people will think I have intimacy issues...What should I do with that?

This is hard, and we hear you. But, we also want to encourage you with the love and support you will encounter here on November 3rd. Did you know that we are praying DAILY for women ALL OVER our community and that we pray for each registrant BY NAME?

This is a day where you will be surrounded by women just like you. You are not alone from any angle on this subject. Whether you, like so many other women, went from understanding sex to be “bad” or “taboo” prior to marriage to it being “allowable” and “good” within mere hours. Or, if you have experienced pain and/or trauma, you are not alone.

We have found that women from all walks and backgrounds still struggle with mixed messages and confusion concerning God’s purpose and view of sex. Regardless of WHY you are coming, there will be such a wonderful community of women for you to worship and pray with. Quite frankly, this is a subject in which we can all be continuously learning! So, if you have an appetite for learning, then this conference is also for you! 

Question #4 - Is this conference about addressing intimacy primarily from the standpoint of hurt and trauma?

No, our speakers will definitely address the pain of past sexual trauma but we will also address relevant cultural issues concerning sexuality, sex trafficking, LGBTQ issues, and living in a modern technological world of sex a “mouse click away”.

We will also talk about the challenges of intimacy in each season of life. We will hear three stories from three women from three different generations. We’ll hear how these women have navigated (and are still navigating) their own journeys and what role spiritual and sexual intimacy have played in their lives.

So, whether you are single, divorced, married or widowed, this conference has something for you. We are so excited to be the church that talks about this and we look forward to seeing your face in the crowd on November 3rd.  

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