After the Vows

Tito & Danielle Nunez

Our story began, back in Florida, when we met as seniors in high school. We became fast friends as we bonded over faith and family. We were married shortly after college and settled into our newlywed life. But we soon realized that our marital bliss would be quickly overcome by reality. Our responsibilities with our families, our careers, and our service to our church made it difficult to connect and work on our marriage.

Over time, we slowly settled into a rhythm of disconnection and complacency - this was our new “normal”. On the outside, things were great, but on the inside, we were becoming emotionally empty. We continued to live this way, even through the arrival of our greatest blessing, our beautiful daughter, Avery. While she has brought endless joy to our lives, we could not break the unhealthy cycle into which we had fallen, causing us to lose focus of our deep love for one another.

In 2017, we faced another huge challenge when we made the cross-country move from Florida to The Woodlands, Texas for Tito’s career. Attributing nearly every struggle to the “stress of the move”, we began making excuses and soon found ourselves on opposing teams, all the while, claiming to be happily married.

Six months after our move, God lead us to Faith Bible Church. We knew from the moment we walked through the doors that we were home! Danielle met some of her first Texan friends in the “After the Boxes Are Unpacked” class, and we both started attending an Adult Community right away. It was a few months later that re|engage was highlighted, and we jumped right in. There we learned how to truly love one another with God’s help and His grace. 

After 15 years of marriage, we’ve finally created a safe space for full transparency in our marriage. We can now communicate in a judgment-free environment where we can be open and honest about our sins, our struggles, our unmet expectations, and everything in between. While there is always room for improvement, we are enjoying what God has done to bring us to a place of fulfillment, true joy, and contentment in our marriage. We have joined the re|engage family to help lead others in reconnecting, reigniting, or resurrecting their marriages.

We are excited for what lies ahead as we join with God to use our journey and continue to grow together in oneness as a family! 

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