Adult Communities

Adult Communities are ongoing adult classes led by our tremendous teachers that meet on Sunday during our two morning services (9 a.m. and 10:40 a.m.). This is a great place to begin to connect with others and experience the power of in-depth Bible studies that speak directly to life’s issues.

How do I get started?

These classes are wide open for you. Pick a class that looks interesting and the hour that you want to attend and go for it! Make sure to let some people in the class know that it’s your first time being there, so they can welcome you. Grab an Adult Communities brochure in our foyer on Sundays or check below for the most recent listing of our Adult Communities.

Adoption & Foster Care Ministry

10:40 am | Room 201

Adoption & Foster Care Ministry experiences the day-to-day life of families who have adopted and hear how God continues to lead them. Whether you have adopted or fostered children, or are considering doing so, they would love for you to be a...

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Dunamis: Young Adult Community

9:00 am | Room 204

Dunamis is a group intended for young adults, specifically single, ages 19-32. The vision is to connect young adults to the body of Christ in and outside the walls of Faith Bible. *Dunamis is taking a short break for summer and will...

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9:00 am | Room 209

Explorers is a diverse class of all ages, backgrounds, and life stages committed to growing deeper in the Christian walk by exploring and rightly dividing the Word. 

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Feasting on the Word

10:40 am | Room 200

Feasting on the Word is open to anyone craving nourishment from God's Word. *Feasting on the Word is taking a break for the summer and will resume this Fall 2019. 

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Fellowship Class

10:40 am | Room 207

If you are looking for a place to connect beyond the worship service, this is a great place to start. Fellowship is a multigenerational class where you can make friends, study Scripture, strengthen your faith, and spend time developing...

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10:40 am | Room 208

Si deseas estudiar la Biblia en español, te invitamos a participar en H.O.L.A. Comunidad de Fe. Enriquecerás tu vida espiritual por medio de la Palabra de Dios, la oración, y el compañerismo familiar.

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International Community

9:00 am | Room 212

This class focuses on studying God's Word in light of his heart for the nations. It covers topics that are relevant to cross-cultural missions, reaching international residents and students in our community, and learning about God's mission for...

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Kindred Spirits

10:40 am | Room 209

Kindred Spirits is an all ages class with an emphasis on detailed study of the Bible, theology, and personal applications for godly living. Prayer and class socials are integral parts of their care for and fellowship with each other. Starting in...

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Married Life

9:00 am | Room 211

Married Life is a community for young couples (20’s and 30’s – although we won’t turn away 40’s) full of study, prayer, and fellowship. The class is led by three couples: Lance & Ginger Terry, Scott &...

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Parenting Teens

10:40 am | Room 211

The Parenting Teens class offers wisdom and encouragement to those raising teenagers. You will find it to be a great help as you navigate this season of life. 

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POLO (Parents of Little Ones)

9:00 am | Room 207

POLO is a community for couples who seek to lay a solid foundation for their families. This class focuses on Bible teaching and topical series pertaining to marriage and parenting relationships. 

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Reasons Community

10:40 am | Room 210

Reasons Community examines apologetics, worldview, science, and faith topics through thought-provoking teaching, lively discussion, and a variety of media and formats. Whether you are seeking to be better equipped to answer tough questions about...

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Truth Seekers

10:40 am | Room 202

Whether you are single because you want to be, single because of circumstances, or single because that is where God wants you right now, Truth Seekers' goal is to help you grow deeper with Christ and find friendships that encourage you to follow...

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