Community is found in service. We want everyone to experience the joy and beauty of service within the local church because we believe that is God's will for everyone in the church family. You can very quickly find yourself serving in kids ministry, student ministry, the prayer ministry, the welcome ministry, local mission work, and even international mission involvement. 

Student Ministry (FBSM)

Two qualities we are looking for:
1) Do you love Jesus? 2) Do you love students? If you answered yes to both: we want you. Below are a few areas we need volunteers for:

Special Events: Throughout the year, we’ll have dozens of smaller events and hangouts.  We’re looking for adults who can be available for a few of these a year to help set up, tear down, etc.

Host Home: We have overnight events during the school year when we’ll need host homes.  These are families who are willing to host a small group of students overnight.

Sunday Crew: We need a team of hands on leaders and adults on Sunday mornings (during 10:40 service).  What’s the battle cry for our Sunday crew? We want a ministry of presence. Help us be present and available to the gobs and gobs of students that are looking for a place to belong on Sunday morning.

Small Group Leader (SGL): Walk with a small group of students through an entire school year.  Meet with them, pray with them, read scripture with them: disciple them through what could very well be the most formative years of their life.