COVID-19 Update

A Devotional From Scot - Psalm 16

By Scot Pollok on

Dear Church, Once again, and sincerely, I pray this email finds you safe and healthy. Above, you will find another brief video devotional in the Psalms. I hope that it encourages your heart and inspires you to dig into God’s Word during this unique moment that has captured the...

A Devotional From Scot - Psalm 13

By Scot Pollok on

  Dear Church,  COVID Pandemic, Day 17. The world continues its forced sabbatical and we are continuing to adjust to ministry, connection, worship, discipleship and prayer in this time of social distancing. Above, see another short devotional in the Psalms. I hope it continues to...

A Devotional From Scot - Psalm 1

By Scot Pollok on

  Church Family,  It seems like much of the world is on a forced Sabbath rest. Many of us are still working, but many are not. In this time, you are receiving a lot of communication. And without being invasive or overbearing, I want to communicate a little more during this...

A Call to Prayer

By Jamey Bryant on

Church Family, I hope you’re doing well at home as we all hunker down during this strange time in our world. I want to encourage all of us to take this time not only to strengthen our family relationships with great intentionality but to draw near to God like never before.Throughout...

A Message From Scot

By Scot Pollok on

Church Family, Brothers and sisters, we are in a different day, aren’t we? In less than a week, everything we do has changed. The way we do church has changed. We are now in a digital default world. And things continue to change rapidly, in our city, in our great state, and worldwide. In...