Values & Objectives

Vision Statement

Building a NEW generation of Jesus followers who take grace to our world.

Core Values

While programming, teaching methods, environments, technology, and curriculum may change throughout the years, our core values for the Kids Ministry here at Faith Bible Church will always stay the same! These five values are taken very seriously by our Kids Ministry staff, and we attempt to make all our decisions based on these values, believing in them wholeheartedly.

Biblical Truth

We will teach Bible stories, truth and content, but not simply just for knowledge’s sake. We will go beyond that by teaching your kids how to live life with a Christ-centered Biblical worldview. We will use God's Word to empower them to live a World Changing life for Jesus.


We will foster life change your kids by first building authentic relationships with them. We will show your kids that we value them and care about the things that are important to them. We will also encourage them to build genuine relationships with each other in order to build each other up.


We will understand our role as a church and encourage you parents to take the lead in your child’s spiritual development. We will strive to offer you tangible and useful resources. We will respect the your right and responsibility to raise and educate your children as the Lord leads you.


Fun is the “language” of children and we will strive to “speak” that language! We will be creative, fun & imaginative in all we do and teach, so that we are relevant and inspiring to your children. We will use fun games, current technology, dynamic environments, and interactive activities as a strategic tools in getting your kids and their friends through our doors in order to share God’s unchanging truths and the Gospel of Christ.


We strive to create environments that are safe, sanitary, and comforting for all ages  of children. We strive to thoroughly screen, train, and equip all adults ministering to your children. We will strive to protect your children from harm or abduction by following strict check-in and check-out procedures.



We attempt to be very strategic and purposeful with our limited time with your kids. For that reason we have identified three objectives for each department of our Kids Ministry. As a your child grows up through our ministry our goal is to provide them with a well rounded and foundational understanding of God and His love for each of us, Jesus and His free gift of grace to each of us, the Scripture and its guidance for each of us, and God's desire to use each of us.

Early Childhood (Birth-Kindergarten)

To help kids know…

  • God made them.
  • God loves them.
  • Jesus' grace saves them.
Early Elementary (1st & 2nd Grade)

To help kids know…

  • Basic Bible history.
  • How to use their Bible.
  • How the Bible tells just one story of grace.
Middle Elementary (3rd & 4th Grade)

To help kids...

  • Spend time with Jesus.
  • Understand grace better.
  • Practice grace with others.
Upper Elementary (5th & 6th Grade)

To help kids...

  • Serve.
  • Get in community.
  • Take grace to our world.