NEW Update

By Scot Pollok on

It has been three weeks since I last wrote here. Forgive me for the absence. The four of us left for family vacation and I failed to write any posts from that time until now. We've been back in town for a week and Liza and I both want to catch you all up on happenings during the blog...

Recent Low

By Scot Pollok on

Please forgive my absence. Liza is still fighting and fighting well, but the last few days have been very hard. Since she has gotten off almost every medication (save two and Tylenol) her pain has gradually gotten worse. Saturday, Sunday and Monday seemed to be a low point, with intense pain and...

Two Doctors in Two Days

By Scot Pollok on

Liza had a scheduled post-op meeting with Audra, Dr. Kim's amazing PA, on Wednesday, mid-morning, downtown at the Med Center. Even though I'm just back at work this week at the church offices, I took the day to take Liza and be with her. Would want it no other way.  She didn't sleep well...

Back Home and Zonked

By Scot Pollok on

We made it back home at 11:30AM. We unloaded and greeted our animals. Thanks to a very sweet friend, our house was looked after and freshly cleaned. That was an especially welcomed and wonderful gift to Liza. We unloaded and immediately began to settle in.  Because Andrew sampled his "rite...

Day 6

By Scot Pollok on

Kids and I were up early and hit breakfast. Another hilarious time with exceptionally good food. FAST FORWARD to family devo where mom joined us. Back up immediately afterward for the Kids to go off with their groups - Liza and I entered the last speaker session with the Adults.  I shared...

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