5th Floor South Tower

Well, she's back now. 9:10AM our time. We were here before 8:00AM, escorted through several steps of registration and check in. She has a pretty terrible headache this morning, but hopefully the planned anesthesia will help with that. 

I have no idea how long this blood patch procedure will take. Once she is done, we will likely be here most of the day. 

Pray they easily find a vein. That is the first step. They need to take about 20cc of blood from Liza in order to inject it back into the epidural space (which is not really a space) in the lumbar area of her spine. They do this with guided scans (usually x-ray) to make sure the needle is in the exact right spot. This 20cc of blood does multiple things as far as I understand. It brings with it all of its platelets, which are helpful in binding leaks and holes. Second, it essentially creates an area of pressure on the the thecal sac, like gently squeezing one end of a long balloon. This will increase the CSF pressure in the rest of the thecal sac, including her head. Since she has been diagnosed with intracranial hypotension (low pressure), that should be a positive thing - perceived by Liza's reduced headache pain almost immediately. The lasting effects take a few weeks to determine. 

More to come when I know more. 

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