Off to Camp Soon

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Since the day we scheduled surgery several months ago, we have been talking and thinking about this weekend. At one point, Liza thought she might be able to make it, but it is a wise decision to stay home. So, one of the hard family decisions we had to make was that Liza and the kids will not go...

Operative Report

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Our great family doctor printed an official operative report from Dr. Kim. I received it today. I will quote its brief contents because they were both informative and encouraging to Liza and I tonight. The numbers and descriptions, dictated by Dr. Kim, are insightful, cringe-worthy and strangely...

Back to Work...for a second

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Liza had a few visitors today, all of them blessings. She's now in bed, hopefully taking a long nap filled with good sleep. The kids went to a friends house again today and I went back to work for just a bit.  I met with our staff for a few minutes of update and prayer. That was a surprise...

No Sleep

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We are still praying for comfort and sleep, as both still seem elusive. Liza was up every 45 minutes throughout the night, at times so frustrated she just lay in bed crying. Very rough. I think to help recovery, we need a breakthrough in this area. Please pray with us. 

The Hurricane

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As we await the winds and potential rains from the very edge of a tropical storm to our east, Liza enjoyed sitting outside for a couple of hours in the breeze on our front porch. It was a welcome change of scenery from the exact same two views she has most of the time in our living room and...

Haircut, Nap, Wall and Medication Success

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Well we got it. I started calling this morning just minutes after their office opened. A second call a few hours later. An email. A third call. Finally a call back just after 1:00. They were and are very nice, and when we got connected with the right people, they were more than happy to help...

Tuesday Night Update

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Okay, on the medication, we discovered that both our Pharmacy and another major one (which I visited) have the medication, just not in the dosage that is prescribed. I'll get up early and get on the phone and figure it out I'm confident. Hopefully tomorrow morning we will have another pain...

Dense Activity

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For a girl who has only walked inside the house and a few times outside for the past week, Liza got a ton of activity this afternoon. We left at noon for our 1:30PM appointment with Dr. Kim.  We were worried about the drive and road conditions (bumps, driver, etc.), but prepared this time...


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Thank you all for reading and praying. I've heard from several friends recently who have thanked me for the blog primarily because it informs their prayers. I want you to know that is the main reason for writing it.  In that spirit, I wanted to speak plainly about how Liza is doing now and...

Happy Father's Day

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My sweet wife, in all of her pain and discomfort, wanted today to be special for me. I feel completely fulfilled just being around my family. Although she is in this trial, Liza is still such a blessing and a treasure to me. I adore her and my already high estimation of her is still rising...