Pre-Op Day

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We left The Woodlands today at 11:15AM and returned home tonight at 9:00. During those ten hours we made about a dozen new friends. Driving home, Liza commented about how God-ordained the whole experience today was, in every meeting and every conversation. We all feel a good measure of peace...

Some (long) context

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Many that read this blog (or were forwarded it by someone else) may not have the proper context or backstory. Some have asked for a recap. Here is an attempt. The oldest blog posts here are copies from posts ten years ago when this adventure started. More than a story about Liza or doctors, it...

Monday, June 5

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Yesterday was a great day. Liza and I were so blessed by our church family. We continue to feel God’s presence and confirmation. Liza is constantly asking the Lord to speak and reveal Himself, and He continues to answer in beautiful ways.  Today was a good day. Some tension and...

A Look Back: September 29, 2007 - Purpose of "The Glory"

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The following is a blog post from The Pollok's blog from 2007-2008 titled "The Glory of the Polloks" chronicling Liza's first brain surgery.  I'm starting this blog site (short for "web log" for you newbies) to keep everyone updated on all the happenings of the "The Glory" of the...