A more relaxed morning...so far

NOTE: These blog posts are not posting in chronological order. We are working on that in the background. Sorry for any confusion. 

Last night's sleep was...diverse among our group here. Liza did not sleep well at all. "Terrible" was her report. I apparently snored like I have never snored before, but in spurts. Weird. Embarrassing. Since our appointments were late in the day, we didn't set an alarm, which allowed more rest - a diverse rest. 

This morning we immediately got back into the communication with our hospital folk to make sure all is set up for today and that I would be able to accompany Liza to the appointment with Dr. Schievink. The neurosurgical scheduler, Lauren, has been a huge blessing. She just makes things happen. I wasn't able to connect with her by phone yesterday, but I did email. Hey, only three times in 15 minutes. But this morning she picked up and worked her magic. 

So when Liza and I run through the car-line style COVID test at 2:30, I will try to get one as well. Lauren marked it in the notes. But whether or not I am able to get one, I will be able to accompany Liza today with the Doc. That is key, and a huge answer to prayer. 

After all of this flurry, I was able to sit in our tiny back yard under the shade of a massive mango tree and some sort of cedar or pine, and engage my Bible. I've been in Psalm 4 and 5 for several days. Still going. At one point a tiny Californian bird came and perched above me. I could tell it was Californian because it just looked so relaxed. It's chirping and calling reminded me of many Scriptures, most notably the time that Jesus said His Father cares for the sparrows and gives them each their food. I love how, through God's Word, the world around me comes to life with meaning. Just have to have eyes to see and enough time to stop the rush that makes us blind to it all. 

Liza is now resting in bed. I'm sure the battle for sleep continues. I will continue to engage God's Word and perhaps go on a walk with the kids before we begin getting ready for the test and appointment. I trust it is going to be another day of God's gracious and gentle care. 

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