Night two was a bit better than night one. The pain and aches in Liza's back continues, which is expected. She does not like adjusting positions in the night, it hurts a lot. But we were able to remove the small bandages from her back - take a good look - and replace them with new ones. 

Another coffee sortie for me, then Liza had a very close friend come to the hotel for a nice visit while I went to the lobby and read my Bible. Now another lazy, horizontal day is upon us. I'll go the hotel gym (alone and by appointment) again today, which has been a great thing for me. 

Liza wants pizza tonight - which is AMAZING for a pizza lover like me - and Pizzana just so happens to be down the street - one of the best pizza places in the LA area. So that's the plan for today.

Thank you for your continued prayers. 

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