From SoCal to Texas

We are wheels up at 2PM our time. With a three hour flight and two hour time difference, Liza will probably be laying down on her chair in our living room by 7:30. That’s our streamlined plan. 

This morning, we had some coffee and a simple breakfast and then started cleaning and ticking off our check-out checklist for our home away from home. Showers and packing and stripping beds and cleaning the kitchen, etc. We all had our role to play and we did it, finished ahead of schedule. Now we are relaxing a bit before we get in the car and head to the airport. There is a Starbucks on the way, we’ve already determined. 

Liza is struggling with nausea this morning and she didn’t sleep very well. Her back pain may be a bit better but her head hurts about the same. I didn’t allow Liza to take part in the clean up and pack up. The trip alone will be taxing enough, so we had to monitor and meter her activity this morning. She’s laying on the couch trying to calm her stomach and head as I write this. 

Lord willing, we will be home and in our beds tonight. The kids and Liza are excited to see our pets. I’m sure the pets are very excited to see them. I’m looking forward to just being back in Texas. Although the humidity will punch us in the face, I’m sure, I love my home. While LA, SoCal and Beverly Hills are gorgeous, there’s just no place like Texas. 

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