Home Now on a Short Day

We are home and settled in. We left the hotel at almost exactly noon. A quick stop for coffee and then off to the airport, a quick 30 minute drive. It was tricky last time finding the right entrance at the small airport we flew out of, and it was equally tricky today. Just bad planning on my part. We were supposed to be wheels up at 1:00 sharp and I think we were about 7 minutes after that in reality. 

Liza's headache was really bad yesterday evening. Lots of pressure in front and back. It settled late in the day but continued this morning, with the added bonus of nausea. That continued on the plane and after we arrived. 

The flight was another incredible blessing. Simple, easy, quick and almost entirely horizontal for Liza. We barely noticed the two hours lost. We chatted, I read a memoir that I've been working on for far too long, Liza napped, and then we were in Houston. A quick trip home and Liza was in bed. From hotel bed to home bed, just over 4 hours. Again, miraculous blessing. 

It is so good to be with our kids again, and in our home. The comfort and familiarity of our bed and bathroom and closet and kitchen will be a welcomed addition to our simple but wonderful hotel room. 

Liza still has a long while to be flat, take it easy and rest. We will continue to pray that the internal, beneficial, healing and progressive effects of the blood patch are felt and noticed. Liza is set to have a pain management infusion tomorrow again, which should help. 

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