In Recovery

She's out. I got a call from a recovery nurse at 12:09. She said the procedure is done and Liza is not in the recovery room (all very polite, careful and professional). When I spoke to the nurse there she informed me that Liza has to be immobile and in place there for six hours, and that no one is allowed back there with her. Big sigh. 

I was able to arrange delivery of Liza's phone and a caramel macchiato (now lukewarm). She's been texting me a few times over the last few minutes. 

And was just able to talk to her on the phone just now. She is teary but resolute. My wife is a warrior. She said she's in a great deal of pain in the middle of her back (not sure exactly why) and down low in the blood patch area. She had received some pain meds. She said she's miserable, but again she sounds strong to me. A fighter. 

She said she was in the procedure room for over two hours. They positioned her and then started the general anesthesia in order to place the needle properly. Then they woke her up so that she could respond for certain parts of the procedure. 

Dr. Schievink came by twice to check on her, which is really great. They made sure she had feeling and movement in her extremities and then gave very strict instructions for the next few hours, days, and weeks. She is on very restricted movement for 8 weeks. She will have to take everything very carefully in order to ensure her safety and maximum effect of the patch. 

She was teary again when we ended the short call but again, she sounds very determined, if not gritty and obstinate, to me. A mixture of bold, courageous and adamant with fatigued and resigned to the task at hand, which is immediate recovery. 

I love this girl. She's amazing and has been amazing at all of this for so very long. Her endurance and perseverance has been legendary in my view, barely wavering at all in this long, entrenched battle. Today is just the next step in that battle. She's got more ahead. 

Through it all God has been so very good to us. His grace is sufficient. His nearness a constant source of strength. 

She just sent some selfies. 

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