Major Answered Prayer

We have a date in mid-August! 

I received a call yesterday afternoon from Cedars Sinai - the helpful scheduling lady - and learned that she seems to have been really working on this case for us. She had a few cancellations that created space for Liza to do the DSM test (see previous post for what stage 2 entails) on August 19 and 20. It may take all of two days to do the test. 

This is incredible news. More than a whole month faster than the original date of September 23. We are so very grateful. 

But there is one remaining request. August 19-20 are for the test. The fix, which is a combination of three procedures of varying degree (injection of glue, fistula repair, blood patch) is not scheduled until the next week - Aug 26. This is still extremely good, but there is a chance we could begin the fixes on Aug 21, the day after the test. This is what the scheduler told me. She said there was a "50-50 chance that a client with a similar procedure scheduled for that day would cancel," thus opening the spot for Liza. I'm praying we get that spot and begin the healing and fixing process as soon as we can. 

So there it is. An amazing answer to prayer. We are giving our sweet Heavenly Father all of the credit. He did this. 

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