Next Day Thoughts

Yesterday was rough, but I want to be clear exactly why it was rough. For many weeks now, all we have been trying to do was get to LA. Liza, after over a decade of struggle and recently a full six years of chronic pain, was putting a lot of stock in this trip. Just get to LA. We were all just waiting to get to LA. 

Based on multiple previous conversations with doctors in Houston and here in LA, we had a relatively precise mental picture of how this week would go. We thought the week would end in a bit of question mark, with multiple blood patches, perhaps one with glue and even a microvascular surgical fix. This was all discussed with doctors. Again, that is why we are here. 

And it goes without saying but we are not medically trained. I am not a doctor. I haven’t even played one on television. It takes a lot of questions and research and connecting the dots and reading reports and rereading the same reports to put some of this stuff together. It is literally brain surgery, at least in the past. 

The shock of yesterday’s meeting was real. It felt a lot like the light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be an oncoming train. There was a lot of hope put on this meeting and trip, and much of that felt dashed. That said, we always knew this was only a part of the full healing story for Liza. Our expectations of the happenings here in LA did not speak to her neuropathy or the pooling fluid in her right ear, etc. This was always just a piece. But it was and is a big piece. And even with this step, there is recovery. It’s not just a snap of a finger. 

After hours of more conversation, some unsettled sleep and a couple cups of coffee, we have decided to work hard to see this trip as a good step, one filled with blessings. We have come to LA to get the opinion of a world-renown specialist. We have done that and are in that process. He read our old reports and scans and conducted a new one Monday (which apparently, we’ve come to learn, is a highly specialized test that produces myelogram quality images with the MRI technology and without a lumbar puncture) and decided that the accumulated CSF in the previous scans collected from dilated nerve sleeves coming out from the spinal cord. Although this is not what we expected, it is indeed positive news. 

So Liza will get the blood patch sometime tomorrow (still haven’t heard exactly when). We will wait a few days, as prescribed, and then come back to Houston. We will pray and wait to see if the blood patch takes and stays and continue to seek other treatments there. 

On we go. 

Specific Prayers: Of course, pray the blood patch completely works and that our interactions with the doctors are positive. Pray for continued hope and peace. 

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