Plan for Thursday

While I was on a drive with the kids this afternoon, Liza got a call from Cedars Sinai that she is to report in the morning at 8AM for her blood patch. She is not supposed to have anything to eat or drink after midnight tonight because she will receive anesthesia, which was not expected but welcomed. The procedure is scheduled for 10AM, and she was told to plan on being there most of the day as the doctors usually like to keep the patients in for observation, flat and immobile for up to six hours. That is really good news. She needs to remain horizontal and unstressed as long as possible to help the process of the blood patch. I’m assuming that I will be able to be with her during this time but we are not positive. There are also several signs to strongly suggest that Dr. Schievink will not be the one performing the blood patch. We will likely see him afterwards. 

After some errands for dinner, I took a walk around our neighborhood alone. During my walk, the neurosurgery department scheduler Lauren that I called yesterday afternoon to ask for another meeting with the doctor called me back. She called twice. Phone was in my pocket. I never heard it. Upon returning home, exactly 14 minutes after she called, I returned the call and left a voicemail. Sigh. 

So for us here, it’s been a bit of lazy day. Liza has been trying to rest. Tonight we’ll eat some spaghetti again and probably watch a family movie. Tomorrow morning we begin again. 

Thank you for the prayers. 

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