Saturday Afternoon Phone Call

4:30PM Saturday - About an hour ago my phone lit up with my Liza ringtone (It's a sassy song that makes bystanders laugh). I answered it in less than a second. 

Again, her voice was low but a bit higher than the whisper from earlier this morning. She continues to do better than terrible - which is about the only way I know to describe it - which is both accurate and a massive blessing. Truly. This is not lost on me. 

She spoke briefly about the day saying that "many doctors" had been streaming through her room, I take it most of them were neuro or anesthesia, checking in on her after the blood patch yesterday. She still feels better lying flat, which is not unusual for the last seven months. But I can't yet tell if this "better" is "better" than four weeks ago or not. When she sits or stands, the "whooshing" pain from the back of her head comes on quick, continues over the top to her forehead and behind her eyes. 

She also clarified that her sleep last night "was the best she'd had in years," I think even eclipsing the great night sleep she had about a week ago or so. Again, a direct answer to prayer. Not coincidence or chance - God's grace. Not lost on me. Reason enough to be in a state of worship and gratitude all day today here in Texas. 

They have a much better plan for the meds and even increased one of them (the main pain med), likely in preparation for discontinuing or weaning off the continuous ketamine drip. Either way, that is happening soon as the hospital has a day limit on that which is approaching. 

Sonja seems to be doing well (I've been texting her most of the day). She is keeping Liza is as good of spirits as possible and has spent a lot of her time reading Scripture and praying over Liza as she sleeps - which is amazing. 

So, the main plan and steps forward remain about the same: a pain management regimen that works and is transferrable to discharge. A safe and comfortable transition off the ketamine. A safe and comfortable transition back to the hotel and then on the plane home - timing of that still TBD. 

Thank you all for your fervent, persevering prayers and well wishes. We are so grateful for the community of the church. 

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