Saturday and Numbers

Last night was about the same as the previous two. Liza's headache is a little worse, she thinks. The aching pain and discomfort continue. She is in bed 23.75 hours of the day for the past few days, sitting up occasionally. But the pain and pressure continue. And of course that is the point of a blood patch - put pressure on the thecal sac (the balloon cradling the spinal cord) and bring clotting properties to bear in the area of injection. But Liza remembered something last night about Wednesday that may explain even more. 

I've asked for a full, detailed report from our doctor team but haven't received anything yet. Liza's first "blood patch," essentially a fix after her lumbar puncture in February was 20ml plus the dye. We thought that was big until we came here to Cedars Sinai, Beverly Hills, in May. That blood patch was 40ml. 

Liza remembers asking the four or five people in the room on Wednesday - as she had to be awake for most of the procedure - how much blood (plus dye) they injected. The answer: a total of 60ml. That's a big step up. The three injection sites were not evenly spaced either. One low in lumbar, which Liza remembers about 20ml going there. The other two are closer together at the top of lumbar into thoracic. She thinks the middle injection point was only about 10ml, but the upper one - the injection site closest to the "leaks" revealed in the CT and MRI - was 30ml. 

So, that large amount of volume, if these numbers are correct, explains the significant pressure and discomfort Liza feels. We hope the procedure report confirms these numbers and specifies the injection sites. This will help determine next steps - if any are needed. 

So today is another flat, lazy day as that is the prescribed treatment post blood patch. Coffee, Bible, texting friends, just chatting and relaxing. When my wife is my favorite person and best friend, it's easy and peaceful and heavenly to just be together with nothing to do. Tomorrow we fly home. 

Please pray for Liza's pain today - her headache is currently "pretty nasty," for her sleep tonight and especially the travel legs tomorrow - car to airport, plane, car from airport. We're both looking forward to being home with our kids, but the trip comes with some anxiety. Love you all. Thanks. 

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