Saturday Morning Voice Text

12:15PM Saturday - Over the past many days, for me personally, the mornings have been the most stressful part of the day. I leave Liza with as good of preparations and communications with nurses and meds that we can manage, I go to sleep praying, wake in the night praying and then scurry to the hospital to see how it actually went. Many times those first few moments are very rough because Liza had a miserable night. 

This morning, about 7:30AM California time, I received two voice texts. These have become Liza's favorite way of communicating with the outside world because of the screen light, typing and her eyes are all a little trouble right now. I paused for a moment of anxious prayer before I listened. Tense moment. After listening to just the first few seconds, I stopped and had a tearful moment. 

Her voice was at a whisper but I could tell it was settled. She said that her night nurse turned out to be a greatly caring person throughout the night, although at the beginning she was leery. She then said she had some sections of really good sleep. Another amazing answer to prayer. 

She also said that her headache is "better" when she is laying flat, but gets bad again when and if she sits up. I'm not sure yet, but from my perspective this could be a good sign from the blood patch. We will see. She says overall, she's still in some pain. 

The second voice mail was a tearful one as she expressed how much she missed me and the kids. Still at a whisper, she broke down a little bit, expressing her love. I played it for Izzy and Andrew later. 

I'm sure I'll hear more from her or Sonja as the day progresses. But for now, here in Texas, the kids and I are blessing God in worship and smiles for the smallest but most meaningful of answered prayers - a semi-good night. We'll gladly take it. Gladly. 

God is still working friends. He is powerfully, even frantically active. He's working in heart, in relationships, in tissues and organs, in souls, in minds and over whole regions and countries. We believe it and continue to see glimpses of evidence to this fact. He is good. He is strong. We are holding on to that. 

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