She's Back in Her Room

9:02 Friday - At 6:53PM our time, I began receiving texts from Sonja that Liza was back in her room. We went back and forth a bit with information. 

Then at 8:12PM Liza actually called. She was in generally good spirits even though the blood patch was different because of her stay in the hospital and the meds already in her system. 

Dr. Louy did a total of 20ml of blood - which is the lowest he's done by half - in three locations. This was supposed to be a low volume patch, targeted only on the injection sites from two weeks ago. He placed the needles without the general anesthesia as before. He injected some blood then tipped Liza head down on the table to get the blood in the right places. Later, after another injection, he tipped her head up - watching the contrast-laden blood on the monitor the whole time. 

Liza told me a humorous story about the patch. She asked for some sort of pillow for her face, as she lays face down on a flat table. They found a face pillow but Dr. Louy couldn't hear her responses to the pain questions that guide his procedural decisions. Liza's response, with all of the love and affection she has gained with Dr. Louy was, "Well, I guess you'll have to listen, won't you." Liza said that everyone in the room went silent. But Dr. Louy chuckled. 

Then, instead of resting in the PACU, they took Liza back to her previous room for the compulsory six hour rest. Dr. Louy visited her in the room as well afterward. There, they had another extended personal conversation where Dr. Louy talked about personally and showed Liza and Sonja a picture of himself as a young man. This kind of interaction does wonders for Liza's spirit, as relationships and peace are so very important to her. 

The phone call was on speaker so Liza and Andrew interacted with her as well. It was all over in just 10 minutes. Liza felt very tired and needed to stop talking and rest. Sonja was getting her an evening coffee (caffeine is very good for her condition) and trying to get her settled a bit before some of the regular up and down before bed. We're are worried again about her intestines, and have tried some of the more aggressive things the hospital offers. 

Her closing thoughts were about discharge and a time to come home, which is very good. Perhaps - in God's infinite wisdom and grace - He kept us here for this small blood patch. Perhaps this will be the one that changes everything. I still have hope. I'm still praying for the very best and highest. Thank you for joining us in these prayers - as well as for a very peaceful night with no pain or nausea and lots of rest. 

Thank you friends. 

So thank you for your prayers.

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