She's Home

She was ready to go at just before 6:00. But she got up from the hospital bed to go the bathroom and to get dressed. That activity made her pain shoot up significantly. So they laid her back down and settled her with some more short-acting pain meds. About an hour later she came out in a wheelchair as I waited in the hallway. It was then a rush to the car and home to try to get her settled as quickly as possible. She was laying flat here at the house by 6:50 or so. 

She has some significant pain in her back, both at the site down in the lumbar spine, and up higher in her thoracic spine. They injected a full 40cc of blood into her spine, which is twice as much as she received in Houston in February. But other than that she's fighting well. She's talking and drinking water. She's happy to be out of the hospital. 

Now its just rest. No activity. Taking it slow and easy. 

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