Some Resolution

Just a follow up for those wondering. I shared some of our collective thoughts yesterday but last night and today there were a couple more reasons for gratitude. 

First, last night I spoke to Lauren, the neurosurgery scheduler, on the phone. She called me outside of her office because she wanted to speak to us more openly and she expressed how very sorry she was for our experience on Tuesday. She helped resolve a couple of our misunderstandings and gave us a path forward. I am very grateful. 

Secondly, I was able to write Dr. Schievink three emails through Liza's hospital portal (three because there is a character count limit). I did this while waiting this morning after Liza went back. Then after Liza was out and in recovery, he called me and we both caught me up on Liza's procedure and then he was able to respond to some of my email questions. He had done some research from our past conversations and we were able to speak with much more clarity. I am also very grateful for that. 

All in all, I keep thinking of Naaman, a story from 2 Kings 5 that my good friend Mark reminded me of the other day. Naaman was an outsider, a Syrian, a great leader and a leper. When he came to the great Jewish prophet Elisha for healing, his command seemed too simple and elementary for Naaman. But he was encouraged to do it anyway - to dip himself in the Jordan River seven times. And, despite his doubt and frustration, he was indeed healed. His leprosy was removed and his skin restored to that of a child. 

Lord Jesus, let that story be repeated here - in your daughter Liza - for Your great glory. 

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