Still the same

Unfortunately, Liza is still feeling the same as she did before our trip to Los Angeles. We were hoping to hear from our LA neurosurgeon or team late last week, since they said they would contact her a week after the blood patch. I was waiting to write a blog update until that call, but that hasn't happened yet. So I wanted to give a brief update now. I'm sure we'll talk to them early this week. 

Liza is still horizontal for most of the day as she gets significant "whooshing" headaches and pressure increases when she sits up or stands. Despite this, she has helped the kids finish their school year and is even preparing them for the next one already. She and her mum have been prayerfully planning for the summer and fall at their ballet studio including a local show this summer. She's done this all from the bed or the couch. I include this to demonstrate her indomitable spirit.  

We are connecting medical records to a local neurologists and our team back in Houston, still discussing our options and what steps to take next and when. Just ten days post-blood patch, she still has several weeks to wait per the doctors instructions as the blood patch is still active for many weeks. She will also continue the ketamine infusions for now. 

I want to personally thank all of you again for your consistent prayers and support. I'm not sure how anyone goes through a season like this without the support of a church family. You are truly being the Body of Christ to us - all over the world. 

For now, we march on. Liza, in significant pain and with frustration that it is still here, is still in need of your prayers. We all are. Thank you. 

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