Still waiting for a schedule...

Everyday last week we had some form of communication with the scheduler at Cedars Sinai - a phone call or email. She is still trying to get us in sooner than September 23. There seem to be two problems, and I mention them for the purpose of specific prayer. 

First, although we've never had an issue with insurance before, there seems to be a delay in the approval process for stage 2, as I described it in a previous post. So I called a friend, the broker for our church, and he called a friend on the inside. That insider is supposed to do what he can come tomorrow morning, Monday. We need some prayer and action here. 

Second, there have been some cancellations which open up the surgery/procedure schedule, but none "big enough" to fit the time and space we need for Liza. Her test alone might last all of two long days, depending on several factors. So it seems we need prayer for a conflation of cancellations that equals the size of space needed for Liza's procedures. 

Tomorrow, just afternoon, I will take Liza for her weekly pain management infusion. I would also ask for prayer that this one be especially peaceful and joyful - much like one a few months back that was a "taste of heaven" for her. She described such peace and joy as if she was in the very presence of God. I'd love for her to know that again tomorrow. She needs it after this weekend - which included a short trip to Conroe for Liza to see the final of three performances of her ballet school show. She laid in a nearly flat chair in the audience and was essentially there just about 80 minutes or so, but that and the travel was enough to lay her waste today. She's very uncomfortable, weak and in great pain right now. But in many ways it was worth it for her - to see her girls, to celebrate Izzy our daughter who had a key role in the show, and to take a step outward, even though that step would be extremely "normal" and simple for anyone else. I'm so proud of her. She continues to be a warrior. I don't know how except for God's grace, her grit and your prayers. 

So there's an update laced with critical prayer points. Thank you so very much. It is incredibly life-giving for us to feel that we are in this with your love, support and prayer. 

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