Sunday Update

Happy Mother's Day. It was my first chance to watch church online with my family, which was an incredible blessing. 

After church, the kids and I went out to In-N-Out Burger and grabbed one for Sonja - part of us trying to make Mother's Day special for her. We'll try to do something special for dinner for both her and Liza tonight. 

This is our last day here. Liza has been horizontal almost the entire time since she's come from the hospital on Thursday. When she sits up, she still gets a pretty good "woosh" of pain and pressure in her head. But as she stays flat, it's been mostly manageable - although there are still times that are quite bad, with her nerves still burning. She's been putting ice packs on her neck and back quite regularly. 

So today we are mentally preparing for coming home tomorrow. One more night in beds that are not our own. Our little home away from home has been great. It is actually owned by a Jewish Rabbi and there is a small Jewish synagogue next door to us - a small converted house - Bait Aaron. I've overheard the men discussing the Torah in the back yard for a few nights, which was fascinating. There are mezuzahs in every doorway of our home. It's literally covered in Scripture. Another marvelous sign of God's presence here with us. 

This trip is the culmination of hundreds of blessings and millions of prayers. We can't thank you all enough. This step, in this most recent journey, is coming to an end. What is next, we will see. And our Great God will carry us. 

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