The PACU - Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Well, Liza is still in recovery, being cared for in the PACU by a very kind nurse named Alexis. Liza really likes her, which is a very big blessing. 

I've spoken to her twice on the phone and she's been texting her mum and I quite a bit. She has had a great deal of pain thus far and is receiving fluids through IV, one pain medication through IV - which has now been discontinued - and several other meds orally. It will be just over two more hours before I can get her. 

We are concerned about transfer to our home, minimizing stress and movement and managing her pain levels. That's a big prayer request at about 6PM our time. While we were gone, our kids and Sonja cleaned the house and made it all smell good and look good (this will also help Liza relax). We'll have a relaxed evening in - will order some delivery food - and probably watch another family movie. Chill is the word from now on. Hopefully with good pain management and no nausea. 

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