The Word on Discharge

5:35PM Tuesday - I went for another trip to Target for some supplies, trying to time my return for meds at 3:00. I was about ten minutes late and missed the meds (by a break nurse) and a visit from Dr. Louy. He was especially tender with Liza, checking on the new abdomen cinch brace and asking if it helped. When Liza replied in the negative, he said to give it a few days. 

He then asked her about discharge. There was some talk from Dr. Vuu and others about being discharged today. But it appears like Dr. Louy has the final, or near final, call. Liza and I talked about discharge earlier and agreed on the idea - it was actually my encouragement - to try to stay the night here and leave in the morning. This would give us a chance to make sure the meds are good and give Liza more confidence. She explained this to Dr. Louy and he agreed. 

I arrived just after and caught up on the story. I then encouraged Liza to go back to sleep. I returned to Target because, yet again, I forgot to get the security tags off of the few items I got for Liza. Can't claim rookie mistake this time. 

She was sleeping when I returned and I snuck in quietly. When she woke up a bit later, meds were due. Liza actually awoke in great pain and some panic. There were some tears. It can be terribly scary for Liza because of the fact that the mysterious problem is not solved, which means its still there somewhere. This hangs over Liza all the time and its a reminder that the pain is there somewhere. I got Stephanie and she came with the meds scheduled and a couple of those available upon request. She's beginning to settle a bit - even if just mentally. Stephanie just came in with some more. 

So, as it appears now, Liza will be discharged tomorrow. Our plan is to go to the hotel which is a little over a mile away. The goal is to relax and manage the pain on our own for a bit before getting on a plane and coming home this weekend. This is our tentative plan. Please pray hard for these critical transitions - heart, soul, mind and body. 

Thank you dear friends. 

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