Three Sets of Corsets and a Walk

12:43PM Tuesday - When I arrived this morning, Liza was lying flat in bed in average spirits - good but not great. Her night was just okay, but we'll take anything that's not painfully horrific. Abby did a great job caring for Liza yet again. 

I ran for coffee and when I returned, Dr. Louy was here again. I commented on his haircut - he's got amazing curly hair with flecks of gray - and his quick-witted response was, "I'm just trying to look like you." Ha. I wish the reverse. 

Liza was standing next to the bed and he was reworking the cinch corset thing, but it still doesn't fit. It's mainly for spinal surgery patients which means it sits poorly on Liza and doesn't meet her needs. So, Dr. Louy called orthodics and prosthetics and, in a jiffy, Daniel was here. He brought a smaller cinch corset but still didn't work. The width is the problem, not the girth. But he had an idea and came back not 10 minutes later with an altogether different padded cinch velcro belt that fit much better. Liza didn't feel any of the pain relief that she briefly felt when Dr. Louy performed the squeeze test yesterday, but it works better. 

After a long, casual visit with our new day shift nurse Stephanie, Dr. Vuu came in. She is the new attending doc for Liza. She examined the new brace and encouraged Liza to put it on a take a walk. Meanwhile she would call Dr. Louy and ask about a delay in discharge for one day - as Dr. Vuu intended to discharge us in a few hours. Ultimately this is okay and Liza and I will both accept it - it is our goal - but Liza would be more comfortable with another round or two of oral meds to make sure the coverage is good enough. Now that the ketamine has been off for almost 24 hours, Liza thinks she feels the difference as the pain in the back of her head is a little heavier or worse. 

So, we did take a walk, the longest yet. Liza cinched the brace up and we walked slowly together. Dr. Vuu saw us and said that she had texted Dr. Louy about discharge. So for now, Liza is back in bed, brace is off, and we are waiting to hear about whether our stay will be another two hours or another 22. 

More when we know more.

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