Thursday Morning

2:10PM. So night one, post triple-targeted-blood patch, was okay. That's the only word that really fits: okay. Liza slept off and on with significant discomfort in the injection sites, but we both made up for the lesser quality of sleep with quantity. At least we tried. She still feels the same pressure in her back, ribs and head, which makes sense. Dr. Louy pumped in a whole bunch of blood (not sure how much in total - last time, in one area, it was 40ml - we're assuming it was about the same amount in total, split among the three areas). That amount should leave a lasting impression. 

I ran another sortie this morning (actually it was afternoon) for coffee, two pastries for myself, a candle for the room (Liza loves candles) and a cold pack for Liza's back.  Since she has to lay on it, it needs to be flat, soft and flexible. Our tiny hotel fridge will have to work overtime to get that pack cold, as that's the best we can do.

She will continue to be flat in bed almost entirely for the next few days, essentially until we get in the car to fly home. So we will be very lazy and simple, which is fine with the both of us. When we used to go on vacations alone, just the two of us, we found that we really ate only once a day. Other than that it was good coffee and some simple snacks. We've adopted that model here, in the hotel, which is surrounded by some good found options in West Hollywood. 

Thank you again for your prayers and well wishes. 

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