Tuesday Infusion

Now that we are back home, we took Liza for a ketamine infusion this morning. Her pain, unfortunately, has been exactly the same as before our trip. But that said, the blood patch can take several weeks to have a full and lasting effect. That said, Dr. Schievink said that, on average, it takes 2.5 blood patches to really help individuals with intracranial pressure issues. 

Unlike our immediately previous experience, just before we left for LA, at which Liza had to endure 15 attempts at locating a good vein, today it took only one. Thank you Jesus! 

So now she is back in bed, sleeping and resting - hopefully more soundly because she is in her own bed, in her own home. Although the kids have some school and chores, and I have some work, we hope the rest of the day is simple and relaxing for her. Thank you for your continued prayers. 

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