The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to foster within every generation a dedicated commitment and lifestyle of both individual and corporate prayer as fundamental to following Jesus.

Prayer is foundational to everything God has called us to as a church, and we make it a priority every time we gather together. We believe that God desires for us to be a house of prayer for all nations (Mark 11:17), where prayer is the aroma and atmosphere of everything that happens at our church. We desire to make a difference through prayer, because we know to whom we pray. Prayer moves the heart of our sovereign God, and we believe we can do nothing without Him. Thank God that He ushers us into His throne room of grace to seek Him for our every need.


Ways to BE Involved in Prayer at Faith Bible Church

SUNDAY MORNING - Prayer is an essential part of our Sunday morning services. We believe that corporate worship and prayer go hand in hand, and that prayer involves speaking and listening - all of which happen during our Sunday services as we hear from God and respond to Him. We also have Prayer Partners available on Sundays in the front and back of the worship center for anyone who would like to receive prayer.

SECOND SUNDAY - On the second Sunday of every month, we gather together at 5 p.m. to worship and pray corporately for needs in our church, city, and world. We also have Prayer Partners, Pastors, and Elders available for anyone who would like prayer for healing and/or other needs, in accordance with James 5:14.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER - It is such a privilege to go before God on the behalf of others. Knowing you can count on someone to pray for your needs is a blessing, and we have a large number of prayer intercessors who pray continuously for various needs and specific prayer requests in our church family. Emails go out weekly to our pastors, elders, and Intercessory Team.

PRAYER PARTNERS - Our growing team of Prayer Partners loves to pray with individuals on Sunday mornings, Second Sundays, and special events. Prayer Partners are generally available at the front and back of the worship center during most of our gatherings.

FIRST RESPONDERS - We follow up with every prayer request that is submitted! We love reaching out personally to every person who needs prayer, whether that means praying over the phone, and/or sending an email letting people know we are covering their request in prayer. If you would like to be a part of this amazing team, please contact David Vodila - .

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