A Safe Place for Couples to Reconnect

Does your marriage need to be reignited, or is it in need of a complete resurrection? re|engage offers hope for marriages that includes worship, teaching, small groups, and testimonies from couples who have experienced victory in the midst of hard times.

re|engage meets every Wednesday throughout the year from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Worship Center. 

If you are in need of childcare, please register your children one week in advance of attending.

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re|engage Summer Series

Have you been interested in giving re|engage a try but struggled to find time during the busy school year? We're excited to launch our re|engage Summer Series this May, where you can get all the benefits and experience of our marriage series in a shorter amount of time. Also, because it's summer, we're sprinkling in some fun moments for the entire family! If you're married, re|engage is for you. You'll be welcomed in just like family as you watch God work on your marriage - no matter what state it is currently in. 

Empty nester? Beautiful, life-changing stories have come out of re|engage at Faith Bible Church from couples who are empty nesters. We'd love for you to give re|engage a try this summer, too.

re|engage Summer Series is $80 per couple. It begins May 23 and ends September 12, meeting every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Worship Center.

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Register for Childcare for the Summer Series

Childcare questions? Please contact Katie Didlake.

Questions? Email Kristin Abrahams

If you have been instructed by a re|engage leader to register for a closed group please register below. 

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