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Sermon notes are a great resource to utilize during the Sunday morning sermon, or if you want to dive deeper into the message throughout the week. Sermon notes contain message outlines, discussion questions, and more.

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Toolkits are study guides that accompany our sermon series. They will guide you in exploring the context and history of specific sections of Scripture, teach you how to study the Word, give you outlines & discussion questions, and much more.


The Ambassador's Guide to Homosexuality

In conjunction with our sermon series, First Corinthians, we are thrilled to be able to offer you The Ambassador's Guide to Understanding Homosexuality by Alan Shlemon for free! For copyright licensing, the book is password-protected. If you didn't receive the password on Sunday, please email


About the book

Until the last few decades, homosexuality was never celebrated as natural, moral, or healthy. But times have changed. Now Christians find themselves in a fight they did not choose—facing overwhelming odds and fierce opposition—with a culture demanding we abandon the Bible on homosexuality and instead “celebrate diversity.”

Unfortunately, as with most controversial issues, misunderstanding abounds on this topic. And as good ambassadors, we want to provide solid, reliable information. But we also want to give insight, too—an awareness of how to maneuver with tactical wisdom and with grace.

Homosexuality is among the most emotionally-charged—and hotly debated—topics you will encounter. The Ambassador's Guide to Understanding Homosexuality will equip you to be both thoughtful and considerate as a Christian ambassador in the face of opposing views.


Song of Solomon

Why do we need a sermon series on love, sex and marriage? Furthermore, why would a study of a 3000-year-old collection of love poetry help? Good Questions. Download the Tool Kit here.


Follow Me: The Gospel of Mark

It has been called the blue-collar gospel. It is, by far, the most action-packed and fast paced of the four life stories of Jesus. The Gospel of Mark, the second Gospel in our canon, is both the shortest and the fullest of the four. With a simple outline and a sharp focus on Jesus’ works and passion, Mark will command our attention and capture our hearts with its account of Jesus the Servant. What follows in this toolkit are selected elements of background and introduction that are intended to aid your understanding, study and application of the Gospel of Mark. Download it here.




You’re probably wondering why in the world we would take the time to study a book like Habakkuk. What’s it all about? Isn’t it too old to be useful? This short and very ancient prophecy (at least 2500 years old) is perhaps one of the most relevant among the prophets. Even in modern America, the daring and boldness of this little known prophet from nowhere is intensely applicable to some of the biggest questions we are still asking: What is God doing in the world? Is God just? What is the point of suffering? Is God really in control? Can God be trusted as a manager? The relevance of these questions makes Habakkuk an extremely significant study. In this simple toolkit, we will look briefly at some helpful background information that will aid your understanding and study of Habakkuk. Download it here.


First John

This ancient text still speaks with great power today, primarily because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Its inspiration transcends time. It is also powerful because of its subject matter. First John speaks to the very heart of our experiences and struggles as followers of Jesus. As such, it couldn’t be any more relevant than it is. The toolkit will cover matters of background, interpretive helps, theology, elements of extended teaching, and application questions and exercises. Download it here.